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Welcome Lynanne and Miss American Rose Judges!  

Can you smell the citrus coming from your Florida Gift Bags?  Well, it is time to take a tropical vacation, so keep the fragrance near you throughout this experience of my entry!  I lovingly made you some sun pins.  It is my hope that in wearing them you will be inspired to visit the Sunshine State!


My name is Rose Di Biasi, a current Miss American Rose National Duchess.

This is my State Spirit project.  

Please view this site in DSL if at all possible, due to the graphical content.  It is also best to view this site using Internet Explorer rather than another server which may not let you view or hear the effects I have placed in my entry.

This project is 12 pages long if you include the song page and this one.  Each page is not very lengthy, and I have done my best to keep my entry interesting and fun for you.

This site was solely created and designed for the State Spirit Entry.  I have decided to combine my skills in website building and the visual arts in its design.  

In this site I show my creativity in visual artistic design; my originality in how the site was put together including the addition of special guest hosts who are "famous" for one of Florida's most prime attractions; I believe the presentation will be delightful with different created backgrounds and music for each theme; the quality of information is the best of the best in regards to interesting state facts (both serious and fun), including links; and I am sure once you view just the small amount that Florida has to offer shown here, you will surely want to visit my state!

Throughout this site you will see fun animations, special affects, and my own personal touch to its design.  The logo at the top of this page is one example of my originality and creativity.  I incorporated Florida's State Seal into a curved text and a digitally created sun, to make it unique and my own design.    

You may even hear Swanee River playing in the background? If not, turn up your speakers, because it is Florida's State Song!  

Want to learn more about the song - maybe sing along to the words and learn about the author?  Click HERE!  Listen for other music in your travels through my entry!

I have incorporated a picture to go with nearly every fact and every story.  Look closely at them. Some may have a little surprise inside by way of an animated effect.

NO animations or special effects were taken from any other site, but are animations and effects I spent hours in creating for your viewing pleasure and your experience, specifically for this entry.  

    There isn't one page where something interesting and fun won't be involved, so take your time, and have some fun!  

 I know you have other entries to oversee, so let's get going!  Take out your Disney Pens and let them "light" your way through the scoring process!


Oh, Nemo is visiting!  He is saying something.....

OH, in translating the bubbles, Nemo is saying.....let's get "underway"!......

Well, let's do as Nemo says and get underway then!


First stop - on to Florida Facts..

Click HERE to get started!