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Florida's Other Special

Things to do...

Ok, well, it wouldn't be Florida if we left out the following...

Some fabulous beaches!

Florida has the clearest turquoise water, the most glorious sunsets, and the whitest sandy beaches I have ever seen!


There is horseback riding too!

I remember when I first moved to Florida in 2001 from Rhode Island.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw people actually using their horses as transportation rather than sport.  They ride up and down the streets, go to stores, and there are also special spots like this below to ride as well.


Fabulous Fishing!

There is also parasailing, surfing, water skiing, snorkeling and deep sea diving, and any other water sport possible! 

Sea Plane rides!

Fabulous Zoos!


Let's also not forget those county fairs!!  I just love entering my pies, cakes, cookies, and tarts!  Here are a few of my winnings!  


Do you like the Opera!!?? The Ash-Lawn Opera Festival is an outdoor relaxed atmosphere to enjoy many great hits such as "Madame Butterfly" and "Annie Get Your Gun"!  You can click on the below photograph for more information and their seasonal schedule!

A little Festival History

Established in 1978, the Festival's opera company, a member
of Opera America Inc., presents opera and musical theater sung
in English and performed in the beautiful Boxwood Gardens of
Ash Lawn-Highland, home of President James Monroe. 

The outdoor setting creates a casual, relaxed atmosphere - the perfect place for a pre-performance picnic.

The 2005 season's performers and artistic staff come from across the United States and Canada. 

Would you like to visit other Florida Theaters?

Just click HERE for more information and links to theaters of all types across the entire state of Florida!!


And what is Florida without a few flamingos?

This is of course why I sent you the bracelets with flamingo and palm tree charms!  The bags that held your gifts adorned with sequins, palms, and flamingos were actually a terrific and rare find, ironically..LOL. You would think Florida would be filled with such bags, but they are not! LOL...I hope you enjoyed the glittery scene!

Of course, we also have some of the most wonderful golf courses, mini golf courses, water parks, and so so so much more!


Spanning the southern tip of the Florida peninsula and most of Florida Bay, Everglades National Park is the only subtropical preserve in North America. It contains both temperate and tropical plant communities, including sawgrass prairies, mangrove and cypress swamps, pinelands, and hardwood hammocks, as well as marine and estuarine environments. The park is known for its rich bird life, particularly large wading birds, such as the roseate spoonbill, wood stork, great blue heron and a variety of egrets. It is also the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles exist side by side.

Everglades National Park has been designated a World Heritage Site, an International Biosphere Reserve, and a Wetland of International Importance. 

You can take air boat rides, safari tours, and hiking walks.  See the wildlife up CLOSE!

Click below photo for more information!   And if you ever take a ride through the everglades, don't forget to wear your Alligator Pins!!


An interesting and fascinating fact? 

We even have.........UFO's!

Yes, that's right!  Not to far from me....and let me show you where I am located..

...the small blinking sun spot is where I am located.  The large one is the capital of Florida, Tallahassee - about 2 hours east of me.  BUT, in Gulf Breeze, Florida, about an hour and a half east of me, closer to Tallahassee, there are many-many reported UFO sightings.   

If you are a UFO enthusiast, or just for some fun and excitement on this subject, see the next page for photos taken of those supposed sightings. I am an enthusiast! LOL...So I thought it would be fun to incorporate this possible little known fact into my entry!