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 Why not have the ever famous "Miss America" tune playing in the background?!  The Miss America Pageant isn't held here in Florida, but we have had some famous delegates enter in our time!

Speaking of Miss America, here is a fun fact! 

When Delta Burke competed at the Miss America Pageant as Miss Florida in 1974, she told reporters that she'd been named after her mother's "goofy" cat, Delta, who liked to chase dogs and swim in the ocean.

Hahahah, I thought that was so cute!! LOL....


Now meet Miss Florida USA for 2005....

Melissa Witek



I'm proud to say Melissa did very well in the Miss USA Pageant which aired on April 11, 2005, coming in fourth runner up! My Congratulations to her! 

To learn more about Miss Florida USA, just click on Melissa's photo!

To learn more about Melissa herself, you can visit her website by clicking the below banner....


For a list of all Florida Pageants, as well as other states, including judges, contestants, vendors, and directors, you can use this link for the latest updates!


 I will venture to say there were literally thousands of pageants throughout the state of Florida alone.  Naturally I am not going to list them all.   I think the links provided are enough to send you on your way through a journey of the many pageants available in Florida.  

For now, I believe my own pageant judges may need to move on to the next entry.  

As you can see, I tried to include the best of Florida for you and to keep it interesting and fun, and I hope that was accomplished.

Judges, I hope you enjoyed your journey through my State Spirit Entry, and I can't tell you how enjoyable it was, although exhausting (LOL..), to prepare this entry for you.

Take care, and many blessings to each and every one of you!

Rose Di Biasi


LOL....Piglet had a such a great time with this site, it wore him right out.  He wanted to help though, so before he went to sleep he said if you want to go back to the first page, just click on him.

*good night and thank you Piglet*

And thank you judges!

Oh, and one more thing....if you are ever having some dreary weather in your state, just adorn your sun car antenna ornament I sent you, and take the sunshine of Florida with you to, wherever you go!