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UFO Sightings

Gulf Breeze Florida

Some of you may find this interesting about my state - I know "I" did! LOL......  We have another "capital"!  Gulf Breeze, Florida, is known as the UFO capital of the world, and for good reason. UFO sightings in Gulf Breeze began in 1952.  There have been hundreds of documented cases since then from locals, tourists, and UFO hunters.

  My father claims to have seen two himself from the porch of is home in DeFuniak Springs, Florida in the last four years.  DeFuniak Springs is only 12 miles east of me.  

Anyway, here are the photos taken in Gulf Breeze - a supposed "hot spot" of UFO sightings in the Nation!

Extensively photographed by Ed Walters in the '60s.   This one above from his backyard.

Ed Walters has since written several books on the subject of UFO's.  

And yes, they all look the same.......

It seems, however, that Ed Walters, being the only one to ever see this UFO night after night, and the only one to catch it on film, was discredited in this below news article.  You can click on it to read the entire article.  But, also let me add that "hasn't just about everyone who has seen and photographed a UFO been discredited"?  Was it a real hoax by Walters?  OR is the government trying to steer us wrong as with nearly every account witnessed, even by multitudes?  I guess the question will always remain "Are there other intelligent life forms out there"?

Ed Walter's was found to have had this model in his attic. It looks similar to the pictures above.  His answer to the confrontation was that "only a fool would leave such evidence around".

Although Walter's seems to have been the result of controversy, and his sightings seem to have ended in 1990, are there other Walter-Wannabe's in Gulf Breeze?  What about these photos?

Art Hufford (MUFON) caught this image on film in 1991, witnessed by dozens of people.

This photograph was taken by Bland Pugh in 1993. The photo has been enhanced.

Bland Pugh took this photo in 1996 - the ring of light is very similar to Walters' UFO


In an effort to find the answer to the controversy of the Gulf Breeze UFO mysteries, a group of locals banded together in 1990. Within the first month of operation, the group had already reported a sighting of a glowing UFO with red lights, moving in an erratic fashion through the skies until it finally disappeared. The group would also report other UFOs in the months to come. Although the still images of Ed Walters were the highlight of the UFO wave of 1987-1990, there was also video film taken of unknown objects, and not all of these came from Walters.

Ann / Bruce Morrison Video (1991)

The above still shot was of a UFO actually videoed.  To watch this very interesting video, and read more on the UFO Phenomenon in Gulf Breeze, please click on the Ann/ Bruce Morrison Video photo above.  A clickable link to the video is on that page, along with some of the above photos and related information that you may find very interesting.


Ok, now on to the real thing that can't be discredited as a false galaxy based experience, and right here in FLORIDA!


Watch the words closely in the picture for effect!

Another one of Florida's main attractions!

NASA stands for:

NASA -National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Since its creation in 1958, NASA has been studying the Earth and its changing environment by observing the atmosphere, oceans, land, ice, and snow, and their influence on climate and weather. 

There is simply SO much going on with our space exploration now it is impossible to list them all here.  Explorations continue on Mars, and Titan will be explored, Saturn as well, and we also are making some deliveries to the International Space Station!


The Cassini spacecraft will fly close to Saturn 76 times and visit its moon Titan 45 times. The Huygens probe will have the closest view of Titan, and Titan will be the most distant object from Earth ever to be studied by a probe!

The Altus II unmanned robot plane can circle for up to 24 hours over wildfires, beaming images and data back to computers via satellite. Originally introduced as part of the Environmental Research and Sensor Technology (ERAST) Program, Altus II can map dozens of fires in a day with no risk to a pilot.

NASA's Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology program (known as "ERAST") develops pilotless airplane technology. It also works on making science instruments very small so that they can be carried on remote-controlled aircraft.

The Space Shuttle: Before the Countdown

Your bracelets sent to you hold a replica of the following:

Kennedy Space Center holds the honor of being the world's only Space Shuttle launch site.

  The Space Shuttle actually comprises four major components: the two Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs), the large orange external tank, and the orbiter itself. NASA's Space Shuttle fleet includes three orbiters: Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour.
  You can learn more about the Shuttle by clicking the above Shuttle photo!!

To learn more about the Kennedy Space Center and all we are doing in space, click on the launch photo here below.


AND the military is VERY active in Florida!

One of the finest military bases known, and one of the largest is....

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