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Oh, hi Ariel!  So nice of you to join us at Sea World!!

Ariel says she visits Seaworld often, and you should too!


There's no place on Earth like SeaWorld Orlando! Where else can you challenge thrill-a-second rides one minute and count the teeth on a shark the next? Feed the dolphins, take in an incredible performance, and just try to stay dry when the world famous Shamu comes a-splashing! SeaWorld Orlando.

For information on Seaworld please click HERE

Here is Shamu!!


How about a Dolphin Show!?

The Fabulous Arena!

You won't miss anything with their outdoor screen!


There is more to Seaworld than creatures of the deep.  Want to ride Kraken !?

The newest thrill is Kraken, a monster of a ride that has the distinction of being the fastest, tallest and longest roller coaster in town. Kraken sends riders 15-stories in the air to plunge toward earth at speeds of 65 mph and upside down seven times - in open-sided seats without a floor!

How about a walk through the death defying shark tunnel!  


Oh, let's not forget those darling polar bears, "Klondike" and "Snow",  at Seaworld! 

Here they are going for a dip to keep cool!



I just LOVE those names!!


 What's that Nemo???


LOL....Nemo says that "Snow" is the only "snow" you will find in Florida ! LOL...

WELL, that is not entirely true Nemo!  According to "Florida Weather Facts" it actually snows somewhere in Florida every winter! Here is a little about what is said by experts on the subject!

 Though most years it's just flurries, it snows somewhere in Florida virtually every winter. The most recent snowfall observed on the peninsula occurred in January 2003, 1997, 1987 and December 1989. The largest official 24 hour snowfall is 4" at several locations across the panhandle and northern peninsula, however unofficial totals of 5-8" fell across the NW panhandle in February 1973 and again in March 1993 with the inaccurately media dubbed "No Name" storm. Also ocean, lake and hill effect snow flurries occur on the central peninsula virtually every winter. 

I think those are amazing facts considering we are a tropical region!

To learn more about Florida Weather Facts, you can click HERE!

HEY, POOH! What are you doing here!!??

Oh, Pooh just wanted to tell us he was keeping cool too and to say hi to the judges...LOL. That is sweet!

Thanks for stopping by Pooh!  You're a real "honey"!!

Oh, Pooh says we should visit all the other wonderful animals (like him..LOL) at Busch Gardens! 

Great idea! This will be our next stop!!